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Muscle Rage

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  1. Muscle Rage Amino Blast

    Muscle Rage Amino Blast


    MUSCLE RAGE AMINO BLAST (30 servings)

    AMINO BLAST is loaded with amino acids alongside a fully disclosed performance hydration blend containing L-carnitine-tartrate, Betaine and Electrolytes.

    As always AMINO BLAST is not hidden in a proprietary blend, we let results speak for themselves.

    During exercise protein breakdown increases rapidly but protein synthesis fails to rise, meaning training sessions are less productive than they could be. Because of this your body falls into a catabolic state (muscle wasting) and rapid muscle recovery becomes something far away from your grasp.

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  2. Muscle Rage Limitless

    Muscle Rage Limitless


    MUSCLE RAGE LIMITLESS (30 servings)

    LIMITLESS is a non proprietary blend hard hitting pre workout designed to not only make you have intense focus and crazy energy, but also improve your performance whilst delivering massive pumps. If you are looking for a pre workout that has it all, LIMITLESS is for you.

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  3. Muscle Rage NOS Bomb

    Muscle Rage NOS Bomb


    MUSCLE RAGE NOS BOMB (30 servings)

    NOS BOMB by Muscle Rage is everything we wanted in a pump product that we knew would deliver phenomenal pumps every workout. 


    Please note due to the amount of HydroMax (150g per tub) in this product some clumping (a playdoh like texture) can occur during transit. This is normal and the product is still useable and mixes just as well.


    NOS BOMB like all of our products is not hidden in a proprietary blend, instead you can see that we spared no expense and only used the very best ingredients at the optimum dosage. This includes using the most effective patented ingredients not the slightly similar, less effective and less money versions of the ingredients.


    If you workout, you love the pump and have done since day 1. Better the pump normally means better the workout. Nothing beats having such an insane pump that you need 2 T-Shirt sizes up to leave the gym.

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  4. Muscle Rage Intra Elite

    Muscle Rage Intra Elite


    MUSCLE RAGE INTRA ELITE (30 servings)


    INTRA ELITE by Muscle Rage has been developed to be the most comprehensive carbohydrate free intra workout supplement on the market.

    Bodybuilders and athletes are constantly looking for a better way to recover and recover fast. If INTRA ELITE is taken as directed, it isn’t a question of whether or not you will gain muscle and recover faster; the only question is to what new level will it take you. 

    After years of selling the 2 best intra workout's on the market (that are no longer around) we know exactly what makes a great during training supplement. Don’t worry this isn’t just another bcaa supplement being labelled as an Intra Workout. Intra Elite has been formulated with the correct ingredients and at the correct dosages to improve recovery, pump, performance, energy, hydration and endurance. Each scoop is packed with everything you need to succeed in each workout. 

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