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Pharma Freak

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  1. Pharma Freak Beef Freak

    Pharma Freak Beef Freak


    PharmaFreak Beef Freak (1.8 kg)

    The beef protein isolate found in BEEF FREAK is produced through a specialized process. The protein is hydrolyzed for easy digestion, filtered to remove cholesterol and fat, and then spray-dried into powder form, flavored and packaged. BEEF FREAK provides a highly digestible form of protein that tastes delicious too!

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  2. Pharma Freak Mass Freak

    Pharma Freak Mass Freak


    The Worlds Strongest and most Complete Weight Gainer. Superior Quality Muscle Building Calories for Maximum Muscle Growth.

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  3. Pharma Freak Growth Freak

    Pharma Freak Growth Freak


    PharmaFreak Growth Freak (60 servings)

    Growth Freak Muscle-Building Protein is the ultimate solution to help meet your daily protein requirements while maximizing muscle growth at the same time! Growth Freak delivers a clean muscle-building protein formula that’s made up of a 100% whey protein blend and fortified with key muscle-building nutrients for maximum growth!

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  4. Pharma Freak Vegan Freak

    Pharma Freak Vegan Freak


    PharmaFreak Vegan Freak (900g)

    Hybrid plant-based protein powder (30 servings)

    Vegan Freak is a plant-based protein powder made up of three vegan proteins. It provides a full spectrum of the essential and nonessential amino acids your body needs to support your goals and maintain overall health!

    • Hemp,Pea & Sacha Inchi proteins
    • Complete with Essential Amino Acids
    • Organic & Natural Ingredients
    • Non-GMO Ingredients
    • Complete Protein source
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  5. Pump Freak

    Pump Freak

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